Performance Management System

A complete transformation of business goals into department goals and further into individual employee goals followed by the review of their performance is Performance Management System.

In this routine & hectic life of a business, most of the time it is not possible to remember each & every employee performance, important contribution, or mistakes of the entire year. Our mind tends to remember only recent episodes. The fact that no one can deny is in today’s most political office environment; only such a self-managed system, PMS services can prevent partiality or injustice to genuine performers. That is why having a systematic way of recording employees’ performance has become necessary.

We offer PMS consulting service so as to fill the gap in the management and make things more transparent. By adopting our PMS services, the management is able to give more time to their work rather than spending time on manually analysing each and every employee performance.

At Senior/Leadership level, Performance Management System linked with 360 degree feedback is an effective combination as it provides in-depth feedback on workplace behaviour. The multi – rater survey is valuable in understanding the perception of the team about the individual. Often, the feedback process is diluted at the senior level as people speak about what they think the other person wants to hear, rather than what they need to hear. Therefore a 360-degree feedback can help as the feedback comes from multiple sources and comes anonymously; it provides Senior/Leadership team with exactly what they need: frank evaluations.

360° Feedback Process

A 360-degree feedback is a multi-rater survey instrument that uses inputs from employees, peers, subordinates, and seniors to rate the effectiveness of an individual manager based on desired competencies of Leadership Role
We conduct 360° feedback process to collect honest, unbiased and fair opinions from multi raters in a highly confidential environment.

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